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Powering Those who 
Empower Their Communities

Tired of wildly increasing electric bills?

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There's More Value in Solar Than you Think. 

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Our Mission

SunSource is dedicated to advancing sustainable energy solutions by providing innovative and reliable solar power systems. Our mission is to make clean energy accessible and affordable, empowering communities to reduce their carbon footprint, enhance environmental stewardship, and achieve energy independence for a brighter future.


Our Process

Utility Information

Every organization and property is different! We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your Utility Bill including rate plans, time of use, demand and delivery charges to best understand your energy consumption patterns and backup needs.

Review your Design Package

Our designers and engineers will provide you with a custom designed energy solution that maximizes both backup power and energy savings, catered specifically to your needs.

Love Your Savings Plan

ROI and Break Even Analysis: Our financial experts utilize private philanthropic funding to provide your custom financial options package

Powering Those who
Empower Their Communities

Energy Sovereignty

Energy Sovereignty is a right. We Support Communities on their journey to achieve independence through sustainable energy solutions. Fostering resilience and self-sufficiency 

Community Empowerment

Solar is about Empowering People. By transitioning to cleaner and renewable energy. You can free up valuable resources. allowing you to reinvest into your communities

Creating Impact

We believe in dedicating our efforts to projects that create lasting change. Your efforts will pave the way for a Sustainable & Equitable Future for all.

What Our Clients Say

“To put it bluntly - these guys ROCK. Wow, I'm still shocked at how fast and smooth the process was from start to end.”

Dave - Thousand Oaks, California

“My bill has dropped over 100%.  I love getting on the app to watch my savings every day.”

Aaron - Stockton, California

“We have seen a huge reduction in our energy costs since we activated our solar last August. I would recommend this company to all of my friends..”

Jose - Florida


Frequently Asked Questions

There's lots to consider.  We have answers.

Our Team of SunSourcers

We're not sales people, or traditional customer service either.  We're Energy Advisors––SunSourcers!  Our job is to help you understand the process, gather bids on your behalf, guide you through system selection, and manage your project from start to finish.  We're here until you flip the switch!

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